Bio-Qi (chi) Therapy Sessions TM

“Bio-Qi (chi) Therapy TM” is our unique and exclusive therapy that bridges the gap of the new era, while drugs poison the body and keep you in a loop. Because you are frequency, energy, vibration, colors and holographic body of Light. No pills contain any of this. Only 3 to 5 sessions are usually all it takes.
Our sessions of ” Bio-Qi therapy TM” address relaxation, stress, pain, emotional relief, detox, the re-balancing of your chakras, the etheric body but it is also boosting your immune system to self-heal, raising your energy and it is activating your dormant strands of DNA. It addresses your spiritual growth and helps you to discover your life purpose.It aligns you to your path without the need of Gurus, bells or whistles. Everything is encoded in your DNA. You need your DNA to be reactivated. Everything you need is already in you.
Three to Five basic sessions (of 90 minutes each) The following sessions prepare you to accrete the amount of light required and to raise your vibrations.
It is a 3 steps process:
Each session cost $150 and should be done about a week apart and remember you do not have to be choosing between therapies. These sessions promote permanent, lifelong changes and are given with a gentle, loving intent.
To assist you in your pathway towards self-mastery, experience deep transformation and inner peace, we offer and work also with the following healing modalities:
-**Quantum (distant) Healing available


Light & Sound, Energy healing, does not intend to replace the advice or care of a medical professional. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult a physician. No medical claims are made or implied or diagnosed. VIE
The trials and tribulations we have endured in our journey end now with the reign of false prophets, idols “celebrities”, dynasties families and wealth privilege. Our work cannot be stopped, silenced or disrupted. The actual dark forces that elected themselves in key places in the Earth sphere cannot, will not and will never be able to stop us and our mission of teaching, counsel and healing. We are the God’s Duo working for the highest Government of the Universe and we are protected daily by St Michael the Archangel.