The Important role of the Society for Enlightenment And Transformation

Written by Doctor of Light

The United Nations: “S.E.A.T.” Carries an important role.
Society for Enlightenment And Transformation as members of the ‘Transformational Team’. The S.E.A.T. carries an important role, perhaps more important then they realize.


For THEY are the voice of those that cannot speak, and THEY have ears of those that will listen. And many within the delegation will listen to THEM. S.E.A.T Your importance is recognized. And at time half the world is in light and half the world is in night, it is a world of polarity. Far more than half of humanity are in consciousness shadow, yet to awaken to the light of wisdom, and enlightenment occurs one heart at a time.


Therefore the LIGHT bearers among the S.E.A.T. must never lose faith but must ever shine brightly, for even a small photon wave makes a transitional illumination. So it is, so it must be with them here today.
Respect and Nurture one another and embrace LOVE. It is the science and frequency of God. It is the way the Nation of Humanity will UNITE. As the LIGHT grows brighter, the bugs will be attracted to it. But events can no longer be skewed to hide the truth. Discernment is the key. S.E.A.T is the voice of those that cannot speak. And the LIGHT is activated by the SOUND.

  1. Leila Gill

    I found out about the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation from the website of the healer/gazer Braco from Croatia. He was honoured at the U.N.’s Tillman Chapel, New York on November 16, 2012. It has made me curious to know more about the society and I wonder what work it does? Could you let me know more about it? By the way I live in England.

  2. Neliswa Peggy Nkonyeni

    My Dear Lightworkers
    I like all what is reflected on your website.I wish I could become more
    empowered.How can I join your Society.I live in South Africa in a City called Durban.
    Thank you very much.
    Warmest Regards
    Neliswa Peggy Nkonyeni

    1. Doctor Of Light

      Dear Neliswa Peggy Nkonyeni,
      You need to pray a lot, meditate and get very close to the Creator.You also need to be reconnected and this takes 3 sessions of 90 minutes here in Orlando or you can set up an appointment for 3 Quantum sessions. You have the ability to pay online.

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