Come in and Step 

into the Light

Bio-Institute of Light and Sound.

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For everyone interested in the Holistic field lifestyle, Spiritual development and self-discovery. It inspires Wisdom and a universal connection among people.

Who We Are

The Bio-Institute of Light and Sound is a Natural Health and Wellness Center, of Professionals Therapists in Holistic and alternative solutions with 2 Therapists:
CHADD: Sound Therapist and VIE; Light Therapist, Chromotherapist

What we do

Our mission is to keep you healthy, align you to your Path and help you find your Purpose and Destiny. I’s all about Self-Healing, Integration and Reconnection in 3 steps with Bio-Qi Therapy TM.

how We do it

The Institute of Biostimulation “Bio-Qi Therapy tm”: Our approach is truly unique & based on Spiritual principles, combining Color Light /Chromotherapy, Geometrical shapes with vibrational sound, Bio music, Music frequency, the language of the Light.