Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Our Wonderful tool, Our Murano Necklace “Ascension 9.1.1., Limited Edition” will diffuse the perfect amount of scent of pure essential oils to protect you in all public places…


The Frequency of Sound

The Frequency of Sound is a CD of Color Vibrational Balancing Frequency of Sound imprinted of the language of the light


9.1.1.Complete Guide in Natural Healing – eBook

98 pages. The purpose of this book is to prepare you for the shift of energy and beyond the ascension. To educate, inform and introduce to you what is available today. To access perfect health with Holistic Therapies Natural Methods, techniques, products and remedies.

We are reduced to few antibiotics, and soon with the energy of the planet no medicine/drugs will be effective anymore. Many illnesses unexplained today can be related due to ingestion of drugs. The human Body is energy and frequency.

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VIE Loriot de Rouvray Honored as a Visionary in the Holistic Health Industry


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ORLANDO, FL, June 22, 2015, VIE de Rouvray, Visionary Healer, Writer and Musician with the Bio Institute of Light and Sound Therapy, was recently named a VIP member of Worldwide Branding. This special distinction honors individuals who have shown exceptional commitment to achieving personal and professional success.


Destiny of The doG

A fascinating theory thriller with fallen Angels, Indian legends, a secret sect, the matrix and the ascension with warning and future predictions. Read More


9.1.1. Guide Introduction – Mini eBook

Time is Ticking Cover 3

Time is Ticking


Exotic Dream $220.00


Coco-Vanilla $220.00


Eternal Spring $220.00